The Secret of the Tropézienne Tart

The Tropézienne tart originated in the French Riviera town of Saint-Tropez. The tart is characterized by a sweet, brioche-like dough filled with a rich, creamy filling, often flavoured with orange flower water.

The Tropézienne tart was created by a Polish pastry chef named Alexandre Micka who had migrated to France after World War II and settled in Saint-Tropez, where he opened a bakery. In the summer of 1955, Micka was approached by a film crew working on the set of the movie “And God Created Woman,” which was being shot in Saint-Tropez and starred Brigitte Bardot.

Micka was asked to create a special dessert for the cast and crew, and he came up with the Tropézienne tart. It was an instant hit and became popular among the film crew and actors, especially Brigitte Bardot, who supposedly loved it.

The exact recipe for the Tropézienne tart is closely guarded by Micka’s descendants and the bakery that still bears his name in Saint-Tropez. However, variations of the tart can be found in many bakeries and patisseries throughout France and other parts of the world.

Whether the story of Alexandre Micka and the film crew is entirely accurate or partially embellished, the Tropézienne tart has undeniably become an iconic dessert associated with Saint-Tropez, enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

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