Saint-Honoré: The Saint of Cakes 😇

The Saint-Honoré, named after the patron saint of bakers, Saint Honoratus of Amiens, traces its roots back to the heart of Paris, France. Its creation is often credited to the legendary French pâtissier, Chiboust, who first crafted this masterpiece in the 19th century. Over the years, the Saint-Honoré has evolved, with pastry chefs adding their own unique twists while preserving its essence.

Our version is a modern twist of the traditional recipe. The foundation is a delicate puff pastry, carefully placed on top are crunchy toffee choux filled with vanilla cream. The center of the cake is filled with Vanilla Diplomat Cream and a thin layer of almond praliné, topped with a delicate whipped cream.

The perfect celebration cake! 🍾

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