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The Paris-Brest is amongst the most well-known pastry in France. In its traditional version, a pâte à choux ring is sliced in half and filled with praliné cream with some icing sugar on top. It was created in 1910 and was named for the route of the bicycle race from Paris to Brest, a town in Brittany. The pastry circular shape was representing a bicycle wheel as a tribute to the race.

I chose this year a traditional round shaped chou, filled with praliné and caramelized hazelnuts at the bottom of the ring, topped with a less buttery praliné cream to savor the flavor at its best. If you don’t know Paris-Brest, you should try it, it’s a must! And if you’ve already tried one, you should try it again!😊

6-8 servings

Allergy notice : our cakes contain nuts, eggs, dairy and wheat. For any allergy, please contact us.

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  1. Isabelle (verified owner)

    Délicieux !

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