Pear and chocolate tart

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One of the best associations with pear is chocolate. These two are obviously made for each other. It is warmth and comfort.

This pear chocolate tart combines a crunchy crust with an almond and chocolate cream and a silky chocolate filling. It brings you the right balance of dark and milk chocolate. Then some fabulous poached pears that are melting in your mouth. Decadent indulgence!

Please note that the color of the pears may vary. The taste is not affected.

6 or 10 servings

Allergy notice : our cakes contain nuts, eggs, dairy and wheat. For any allergy, please contact us.



6 servings, 10 servings

2 reviews for Pear and chocolate tart

  1. Rachel

    This Pear and Chocolate tart is a must try for all the chocolate addicts like me. The combination is just amazing and the crust itself, like in all the other Tatin and co tarts I tried is fantastic for its crunchiness. Everyone at home loved it, thank you!!!

  2. Franck

    Pears and chocolate is hard to beat. If you are a chocolate lover, this is a no-brainer. Amazing rich, dark chocolate and mouth-watering pears, so yummy. And it’s also appealing to the eyes. I finished it in less than 24h 😵

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