The Paris-Brest-Paris Race 🚴🏻

The Paris-Brest-Paris is a bicycle endurance event that takes place every four years since 1891 and covers a distance of 1,200 kilometres from Paris to Brest and back.

The Paris-Brest pastry was created in 1910 by Louis Durand, a pastry chef from the city of Maisons-Laffitte near Paris. He wanted to create a dessert that would pay homage to the race and its participants. The shape of the pastry was inspired by a bicycle wheel, with a circular ring of choux pastry representing the wheel and a praline-flavoured cream filling symbolizing the tire.

The choux pastry dough used for the Paris-Brest is made from flour, water, butter, and eggs. It is piped into a ring shape and baked until golden and crisp. The dough expands during baking, creating a hollow center that is filled with a rich praline-flavoured cream made from butter, sugar, ground almonds, and praline paste.

Traditionally, the top of the pastry is dusted with powdered sugar and garnished with slivered almonds. The finished Paris-Brest is meant to resemble a bicycle wheel, with the ring of pastry representing the tire and the almonds mimicking the spokes.

The Paris-Brest is known for its combination of textures and flavoursβ€”the crispness of the choux pastry, the smoothness of the praline cream, and the crunch of the almonds. Its unique shape and connection to the Paris-Brest-Paris race have made it an iconic pastry in French culinary culture.

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