22 June is Chocolate Éclairs⚡Day!

The name “éclair” is derived from the French word meaning “flash of lightning.” It is said to have been given this name due to the speed at which one can consume this delicious treat.

The exact origin of this delightful pastry remains somewhat ambiguous. Antonin Carême was a renowned French chef and culinary innovator who lived from 1784 to 1833. He is often credited with revolutionizing French cuisine and elevating it to an art form. While Carême didn’t necessarily invent chocolate eclairs, he played a significant role in popularizing and refining the recipe.

Carême developed a method to create a light and airy choux pastry, which forms the outer shell of the éclair. This dough is made by combining butter, water, flour, and eggs, and then baking it until it puffs up and becomes hollow inside. This innovation led to a significant improvement in the eclair’s texture and taste.

As for the filling, Carême’s creativity and culinary prowess knew no bounds. While the traditional éclair filling is typically vanilla custard or pastry cream, Carême experimented with different flavours and variations. He introduced various fruit-infused creams, chocolate ganache, and even savory fillings for éclairs, pushing the boundaries of taste and culinary imagination.

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