Strawberry Tart

🌞 Christmas in July with a twist πŸŽ„

July 25th will be Christmas in July, a fabulous excuse for a festive feast and an opportunity to enjoy the types of Christmassy things that we can’t enjoy in blazing hot December.

As if this wasn’t twisted enough, the cheeky elves at Tatin and Co have decided to create … a summer tart for Christmas in July! Because, frankly, it is cold and we’re all missing some comfort food.

The Snowy Strawberry Tart has a crunchy buttery base, a vanilla custard, a strawberry purΓ©e, topped with a layer of delicious whipped cream (that’s the snowy bit) and fresh strawberries directly sourced from sunny Queensland πŸ˜‹

So be jolly and order your Snowy Strawberry Tart now!

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